Kevin Spacey’s Reign at the Old Vic


11188165_10153359170004884_6197998268872578831_nTwo Sundays ago, Mark and I went up to the Old Vic in London to a special event to celebrate Kevin Spacey as he stepped down as artistic director. It was a truly wonderful night and we spent most of it just gazing at famous face after famous face!

Guests included Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern, Jeremy Irons, Eddie Izzard and singer Beverley Knight. Sting performed Every Breath You Take and Annie Lennox sung No More I Love Yous and Here Comes the Rain Again.

In his closing speech, Spacey referred to the Old Vic’s lack of government subsidy wondered why the theatre was not treated as “a national treasure”. He also said the “best thing about the Old Vic is its future”.

There were recorded tributes from James Bond director Sam Mendes, former US president Bill Clinton and singer Elton John.

During his time at the Old Vic, Spacey has directed two productions and starred in nine – including an acclaimed version of Richard III.

We had the best evening – I wish we could do it all over again!!


Choosing A Wedding Photographer


Taken by Teri V















Choosing a wedding photographer is a tricky one as there are so many good ones out there. We do have a list of fantastic photographers that we recommend (Teri V being one of them!), but to be honest it normally is a gut instinct feeling of liking the portfolio and then meeting up and seeing how you interact.

Rachel Kara & Tim Ashton

Taken by Rachel Kara & Tim Ashton




























We always strongly recommend that you do meet as it is such a personal day and you want all your joy and happiness to be captured by someone you trust. My own wedding photos are not great, sadly it was back in the 80s and we were all a bit formal. Today, the intimate scenes before the wedding, during and after can be captured in that magical click and kept forever.


Taken by Teri V















I suggest that you do your homework on photographers, look at local ones, ask friends and check websites. Always ask to see testimonials and portfolios – do not be embarrassed about interviewing prospective photographers. Ask the florist if they can recommend someone, they will have worked with many and will know who to suggest.

































Here are some lovely magical memories for you to indulge in and hopefully be inspired!


Day-to-Day Life

163154_10150122453764884_3969536_nGardening here at Vintage Events HQ is always a love hate thing; the garden is absolutely beautiful and I do love gardening, but only in nice weather! So, when the sun comes out I am immediately outside and up to my knees in dirt!
This year we are doing quite a lot of hard landscaping, chopping some trees down to make a nest for Willy who will be renovated later this spring. We’re also re-doing our pathways and the flower beds at the front of the house. I always have help from the puggies – you wouldn’t believe how helpful they are! I have sprayed & fed the roses & am busily chopping, weeding, cutting back and clearing. We’ve rather a lot of box hedges here in the garden and I was really worried that I had “box blight” – a disease which spreads, kills and is unstoppable. Luckily for me it is just lack of water! So hose on, I am going mad with the watering.

I like being physically exhausted, especially when you have been outside and you can see what you have achieved. I always get excited in spring as I think of the lovely summer parties/weddings coming up. Even if you have a patch or a small courtyard it can be made to look pretty. Looking at these gorgeous images is my source of inspiration for what I can do in my own back garden!



Day-to-Day Life

Are you really happy? Funny question to ask on a Saturday I know but an interesting thought. I guess it depends on lots of things: money, health, love, work. But after watching two people who have lots of money and never worked, neither are happy and have many problems. On the other hand, my friend who is battling breast cancer is extremely brave and always positive and most of the time happy and those with little money seem to be more content than those with extreme wealth.

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Interior Style

How to

What counts as good style? Who do you look to for inspiration and how do you interprate this in your own home. Tricky question, especially if you are starting out with great taste and no money. It helps if you are on the doorstep to a great collector’s fair such as Ardingly or near some cool charity shops which have not yet realised the value of their stock.

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We recently whizzed over to sort the house out ready for the coming holiday season. I gardened like crazy and met up with some of our lovely new friends, one of whom is about to have a baby, due on 24th Feb! All very exciting and the amazing thing is that we have swapped our house with her mum’s in Barbados, so her mum can come over and be with her after the birth.

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For the Love of Vintage Cars

Classic Car

We have a beautiful classic Mercedes (which you can read all about here) and she will be 50 this year. We absolutely love this car and drive her as often as we can. Isn’t it amazing to think that 50 years ago she was new and considered a modern car? Today, Mercedes have reintroduced the Gullwing. Yes, it is a gorgeous car but I think not as iconic or beautiful as the original.

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